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Don’t Get Punched – A Male Perspective

Don't Get PUnched

Today’s edition of “Don’t Get Punched” comes from our very on Nick. My jaw dropped when I read it. All I could do is shake my head.

Don’t Get Punched

Today’s Don’t Get Punched moment comes from Gem of the Ocean you can check her out over at “That’s What GEM Said”  Enjoy. Tell us how you would have reacted if this happened to you. ****** This is long but I think the whole back story helps explain why this dating story is horrific to […]

Don’t Get Punched

Keep sending in your dating horror stories. I know you have them, lets share them with the world. Today I will share with you one of my own DGP stories. This happened in my early twenties. It was a dinner and a movie date, I was so young and wet behind the ears. back then. […]

Don’t Get Punched Monday’s

Keep sending in those Dating horror stories. I know you have them, lets share them with the world. Today’s DGP comes from Miss Eva. First date = last date. ***** When I was dating – this guy asked to taste my food, and before I could shake it off my fork onto his plate, he leaned […]

Don’t Get Punched: Facebook Inbox Edition

You all know how I feel about Facebook. It’s a love hate relationship. I love it because I have reconnected with long lost friends.   A Facebook “friend” put this as his status one day: Face Book is the devil’s Playground.

Monday’s Don’t Get Punched

TweetToday’s Don’t Get Punched comes from a conversation I had with a gentleman I met online. Fairly new to the area he joined a dating site and proceeded to network. He told me of more than one failed connection but one in particular had my mouth hanging open. He stated that he met this young […]

The Mistress, The Ex and The New Girlfriend

It seems that I can not get on with the dating portion of the blog because I am still being drug into drama with my Ex. The latest episode involved his long time mistress, the new girlfriend and I. It helps me get through and deal by writing it down, purging it from my system.

Monday’s Don’t Get Punched

Have you ever had a moment where you just wanted to punch someone of the oppsite sex in the face? It could be any reason. Did she try to play you at the club? Did he just tell you the craziest lie, and thought you would believe it? Tell me about them so they can be […]

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